Make a donation

Summerhill is maintained by a Charitable Trust and we rely on donations to continue our work. 

Every donation, no matter how small makes a big difference.  As an example, $10.00 will help with the purchase, planting and care of a native tree to be included in the native tree corridors for birds being created at Summerhill.

If you appreciate and value Summerhill, please consider making a donation. 

Thank you. 


Volunteer to support maintenance at Summerhill

Trail Maintenance

Trails at Summerhill are maintained by the Tauranga MTB Club. This is an active Club that regularly put on MTB events including an action-packed Summer Series (Junior & Senior) at Summerhill on Monday evenings during the daylight saving period. 

For more information on the Club or to join them for a Summerhill Working Bee go to;